Traditional method

Sparkling wines are true ambassadors of conviviality and pleasure. Domaine Delaunay, located in the Loire region, is recognized for its production of superior quality sparkling wines. This family business makes a point of producing special and rare vintages, produced using the traditional method. Discover the secrets of making Domaine Delaunay sparkling wines, as well as their taste and aromatic characteristics which make them exceptional wines.

The traditional methods of Domaine Delaunay: artisanal sparkling wines with unique aromatic profiles

Domaine Delaunay is part of the tradition of Loire sparkling wines, with high-end vintages produced using the traditional method. This bottle winemaking technique involves causing a second fermentation of the wine, which releases fine bubbles and develops a complex aromatic profile. Sparkling wines produced using this method offer fruity freshness and intense fruity aromas, which appeal to lovers of sparkling wine and festive wine.

Brut blanc methods: special vintages for special celebrations

At Domaine Delaunay, sparkling wines are available in several special vintages to meet the expectations of lovers of fine bubbles. The brut blanc method is a sparkling wine with a golden color and balanced aromas of fruit, flowers and toast.  

Extra brut sparkling wines and rare vintages: the know-how of Domaine Delaunay

Domaine Delaunay also produces extra brut sparkling wines, which are distinguished by their low sugar content and aromatic intensity. These sparkling wines reveal an elegant finesse, for a tasty and refined tasting. Domaine Delaunay also produces rare vintages, resulting from careful vinification and careful selection of grapes. These exceptional sparkling wines seduce with their personality and their potential for prolonged aging.

Bottled winemaking: a controlled process for quality sparkling wines

Domaine Delaunay pays particular attention to the bottle vinification of its sparkling wines. This delicate process involves following several crucial steps to obtain a sparkling wine with fine bubbles and preserved freshness. Control of fermentation, aging on slats and disgorging are all factors which influence the quality and typicality of Domaine Delaunay sparkling wines.

Sparkling wines ready to enhance your moments of sharing

The sparkling wines of Domaine Delaunay are ideal to accompany your moments of conviviality and celebration. Their fruity freshness, finesse and elegance will highlight your aperitifs, festive meals and other special occasions. Do not hesitate to discover the different vintages and traditional methods offered by Domaine Delaunay, and to taste these exceptional sparkling wines which will enhance your table and delight your guests.

Domaine Delaunay is an essential reference for quality sparkling wines, made using the traditional method. The special and rare vintages of this family business reflect artisanal know-how and a passion for viticulture, which result in sparkling wines with rich and varied aromatic profiles. Don't wait any longer to taste these exceptional sparkling wines and share a moment of conviviality with your loved ones around a bottle of Domaine Delaunay.

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