Our philosophy

Respect for the vine and the wine

The philosophy in the vineyard is clear: find the expression of the terroir in the wines. To do this, we preserve the soil and create a balance around the plant through plowing and grassing.

We have recently implemented soil conservation viticulture with seedlings of different plants between each row. Our objective is to preserve the fauna and flora of each plot, these elements are essential for the well-being of the plant and better quality of grapes.

A fairer viticulture with a balance to be sought between vines and terroir to obtain quality juices.
Hands holding crushed stones in black and white.
Bunches of ripe white grapes on vine

The work applied to the vine stocks is carried out with precision, to have good management of sap flows, control of yields and better aeration of the vines.

We start harvesting the berries at dawn to keep the harvest fresh, and place them in a pneumatic press. The juices then flow by gravity into our underground glass concrete vats, typical of the Nantes vineyard, then we carry out light settling.

Seeking the sustainability of our operation is a common objective.

The protection of the juices by CO2 makes it possible to limit the use of sulfur in order to preserve the typicality of each terroir, fermentations can then begin. The wine is aged on its lees, stirring is carried out during the winter to resuspend them.

Finally, bottling is carried out in the cellar and by us after light filtration.

Nature will always have the last word, it is up to us to respect it, adapt to it and take what it offers us.
Industrial wastewater treatment in action.
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