Le Loroux-Bottereau

There was a time when the lordship of Pé Pucelle owned the farms and land surrounding it. The names of the places were defined according to their interests, the places called La Porcherie and La Vacherie bear witness to this.

The Moulin du Pé

Some enclosures were suitable for growing vines such as the Clos du Paradis or the Clos des Rochettes on very steep hillsides, these places were cultivated by the farmers of Pé. The emblem of these places is the Moulin du Pé, erected in the 19th century, located on a hill 70 meters above sea level on which the wind never stops blowing. The "Pé", a distortion of the word "Puy" in local patois, designates a hillock on which it was possible to keep a lookout

Winegrowers for generations

It is above all a story of family and tradition which has lasted for several generations. The ancestors of the Delaunay family have always worked the land, passing on this passion to their children from year to year.

Since I was very young, I have regularly accompanied my father to the vineyards and maintained a close relationship with nature. After experiences in other sectors of activity, I decided to return to the family business in 2017.


After several vintages of experience, I moved to the family farm in November 2020 and took over the vineyard with respect for the work carried out by my ancestors. That same year, I decided to begin a conversion to organic farming on a few plots.

A favorite terroir

The vineyard today extends over 30 hectares in the Goulaine watershed. The estate's plot is cultivated in the commune of Loroux-Bottereau in a very metamorphic area. There we find mainly crystallophyllian rocks: Gneiss, Leptynite, Micaschist, of a siliceous nature. Among them, veins of green Amphibolite rocks of a ferromagnesian nature are interspersed.

The vines are located on a hillock at an altitude of more than 70 meters between two slopes of the Goulaine, one to the north and one to the south. The plots are on steep slopes loaded with stones and very restrictive, this terroir is a favorite area for vines.

Well-drained, shallow soils (less than 40 cm) are suitable for producing wines with a high expression of the terroir.

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