Loire valley

The Loire Valley, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a region famous for its exceptional terroirs and its diversity of flavors. Domaine Delaunay invites you to discover its wines, made with respect for tradition and the environment. Explore our varied selection, ranging from chardonnay to pinot noir, including sauvignon.

The appellations and grape varieties of Val de Loire Wine

At Domaine Delaunay, we celebrate the richness of the Loire Valley through a mosaic of grape varieties and appellations . Our estate offers white and red wines under various IGP Val de Loire , including chardonnay , pinot gris or sauvignon , all cultivated and vinified to fully express the typicity of our terroir.

The Delaunay Val de Loire estate: a terroir of excellence

Located on the banks of the Loire, the Delaunay estate is a key player in Loire Valley wine . For several generations, the winegrowers of this estate have worked with passion and respect for nature to produce authentic, quality wines. Their wines from organic farming highlight the terroir and grape varieties of the Loire Valley , for an unrivaled taste pleasure.

Val de Loire wine tasting: a moment of sharing and discovery

Tasting our wines is a true sensory experience, revealing the subtleties of each vintage. Accompanied by our experts, you will explore the nuances of the color, bouquet and palate of our wines. We also invite you to participate in our cellar visits and oenological events, for a complete immersion in the world of wine.

Loire Valley wine tourism: an invitation to travel and taste

Come and discover the wine heritage of the Loire Valley by visiting our estate. Our doors are open for guided tours, tasting workshops and an overview of the history of viticulture in the region. Experience unique and warm moments that will enrich your knowledge and love of wine.

Food and wine pairings Loire Valley: enhance your dishes with regional wines

Our wines, characterized by their diversity and distinct aromas, are perfect for food and wine pairings that will delight gourmets . Whether to accompany delicate fish, tasty meats or sweet desserts, Domaine Delaunay offer harmonious combinations for a memorable culinary journey .

Buy Val de Loire Wine: advantageous prices for exceptional wines

Val de Loire Wine is a safe bet for those who wish to please or treat themselves with quality wines , at affordable prices. Buy directly from our estate to benefit from attractive prices and access to exclusive vintages, while supporting viticulture that respects nature.

Domaine Delaunay offers you an authentic foray into the heart of the diversity and wine-growing wealth of the Loire Valley . Whether you are a connoisseur or a curious novice, our exceptional wines are waiting to reveal the hidden treasures of this magnificent region.

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