IGP Val de Loire

Grape variety: Sauvignon blanc

Terroir: Shallow soils on a terroir of Gneiss, Granite with two Micas

Area: 2 ha

Vine work: Short Nantais Guyot pruning, control of yields (45hL/ha maximum). Inter-row scratching, inter-vine plowing, partial grassing, green work (disbudding, trellising, trimming, etc.)

Harvest: Mechanical with on-board sorter-ginner, protection under CO2

Vinification: Harvest at dawn, maceration for 6 hours, pneumatic pressing, cold settling for 24 hours, alcoholic fermentation thermoregulated at 15°C

Aging: In underground glass-glazed concrete vats à la Nantes

Tasting: Ideal serving temperature between 9° and 11°C

Potential: 1 to 3 years

Comments on the Vintage: Pale gold, intense nose of broom flower and lychee, full and powerful mouth with citrus notes

Food and Wine Pairings: Surprising with smoked salmon, a traditional Indian curry dish or alone as an aperitif

Domaine Delaunay is located in the heart of the Loire Valley , a wine region renowned for its white wines of great finesse and beautiful aromatic complexity. The terroir of Domaine Delaunay is characterized by loamy-sandy soils, developed on a vein of gneiss, thus offering ideal conditions for the development of the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety . This grape variety, known for its aromas of exotic fruits, white flowers and mineral notes, gives rise to fresh and elegant white wines, typical of the Loire Valley .

Working in the vineyard that respects nature

At Domaine Delaunay, the vines are worked with care and respect for the environment. Yields are controlled, not exceeding 45hL/ha, in order to guarantee the quality of the grapes harvested and the sustainability of the vineyard. Working methods include short Guyot Nantais pruning, inter-row scratching, inter-vine plowing, partial grassing and green work such as disbudding, trellising and trimming. These practices help preserve biodiversity and respect the natural balance of soils and vines.

Careful vinification to reveal the potential of Sauvignon Blanc

Vinification at Domaine Delaunay is carried out with great precision to enhance the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety and fully express the potential of the Loire Valley terroir. The grapes are harvested mechanically with an on-board sorter-destemmer, then undergo maceration for 4 hours before being pneumatically pressed. The settling is carried out cold for 24 hours, followed by thermoregulated alcoholic fermentation at 15°C. This control of temperatures and these modern techniques make it possible to preserve the aromas and freshness of Sauvignon Blanc .

Tailor-made aging for wines of great finesse

Domaine Delaunay wines are aged in Nantes-style underground glass concrete vats and in barrels. This type of aging brings additional structure and complexity to the wines, while preserving their freshness and fruitiness. Domaine Delaunay wines are characterized by a golden color, a finely vanilla mineral nose and aromas of ripe fruit . Their creamy and delicious texture on the palate makes them wines of great finesse and beautiful elegance.

Food and wine pairings to enhance Loire Valley Sauvignon

Domaine Delaunay wines are ideally enjoyed between 9° and 11°C , to fully benefit from their aromas and freshness. They go perfectly with delicate dishes such as grilled fish, fried scallops or hot goat's cheese. Don’t hesitate to experiment with new pairings to discover all the facets of Sauvignon du Val de Loire and take your taste buds on a journey.

Discover the world of Domaine Delaunay and savor the Sauvignon of the Loire Valley

Domaine Delaunay invites you to come and discover its wines, from an exceptional terroir and a unique grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc . Come share our passion for viticulture, winemaking and tasting, and let yourself be seduced by the quality of our wines and the authenticity of our know-how. Our team is at your disposal to help you discover our range of wines and support you in your choice.

At Domaine Delaunay, each bottle is the result of a work of passion and balance between nature and man. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the excellence of Sauvignon du Val de Loire , produced with respect for traditions and the terroir.

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